*Spoilers* WWE NXT- January 21st-February 4th, 2015*

January 21st

* Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte ended in a DQ when Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte. Bayley made the save and held Charlotte title in her hand before Charlotte snatched her belt, upsetting Bayley. Bayley laid out Charlotte.

January 28th

* Charlotte and Bayley vs. Sasha Banks and Becky lynch ended in a no contest after Bayley and Charlotte started fighting each other.

February 4th

* Bayley defeated Becky Lynch via Belly to Bayley. After the match, Sasha got in Becky’s face and Becky shoved her down. Charlotte came out, mocked them all and raised her title.

WWE NXT Results- January 14th, 2015*


Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte and Natalya

Becky and Sasha are out first, followed by Natalya and Charlotte. Natalya and Becky start things off, back and forth chain wrestling until Natalya rolls up Becky for a one count. Becky with a elbow to Natalya, and Natalya hits her with forearms. Natalya and Charlotte baseball slide to the outside and Charlotte rolls Becky back in. Charlotte tags in and follows up with a double suplex and covers for a one. Natalya tag back in and hits another double team and covers for a one.

Becky tags in Sasha, and Natalya hits her with a Russian leg sweep. Natalya stepovers Sasha, follows up with a dropkick by for a two count. Sasha whips Natalya into the corner, and sets her up for the double knees for a two. Sasha with a submission hold but Natalya escapes and tags out. Charlotte with chops followed up with a neckbreaker for a two. Becky and Sasha whip Charlotte into the ropes, and Sasha hits a neckbreaker and rolls Charlotte up with a hand full of tights for the win.

NXT Live Event Results- January 10th, 2015*

Fort Pierce, FL

* Women’s Champion Charlotte and Bayley defeated Becky Lynch and Carmella via Becky tapping out to Charlotte submission hold.


NXT Live Event Results- January 9th, 2015*

Citrus Springs, FL

* Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks defeated Women’s Champion Charlotte and Bayley in what was said to be the star match of the night.

WWE NXT Results- January 8th, 2015*

Screenshot_2015-01-08-23-29-42 Screenshot_2015-01-08-23-32-10 Screenshot_2015-01-08-23-34-54 Screenshot_2015-01-08-23-35-08

Sasha Banks (w/ Becky Lynch) vs Alexa Bliss

Alexa is out first followed by Sasha with Becky. Both divas start the match with shoves and slaps. Alexa backed into the corner. Alexa on the turnbuckle into powerbomb to Sashas for a two. Alexa goes for a head scissor takedown but Sasha reverses into a backbreaker and covers for a two. Sasha with another pin attempt for a two.

Sasha goes for a suplex but is rolled up into a small package for a one. Alexa up to her feet and gets Sahsa in a crucifix and cover for a two. Alexa in the on the second rope in the corner and Sasha comes down onto her with double knees. Sasha with the Bank Statement for the win. After the match Becky and Sasha celebrate.

WWE NXT Results- January 1st, 2015*

Screenshot_2015-01-01-21-15-29 Screenshot_2015-01-01-21-15-37 Screenshot_2015-01-01-21-17-06 Screenshot_2015-01-01-21-18-08

Devin Taylor introduced Charlotte to the ring.

Charlotte mentions her two victories over Sasha Banks. Sasha along with Becky Lynch interrupts Charlotte. Sasha and Becky tries to attack Charlotte but Natalya makes the save. She stands next Charlotte as they stare down Becky and Sasha as Sasha continue to say “when we’re ready”.

WWE NXT Results- December 25th, 2014*


NXT Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks (w/ Becky Lynch) vs Charlotte.

A competitive back and forth match. Charlotte got the victory against Sasha Banks via applying a bridged figure four.

Becky Lynch Gets A New Entrance Song- December 18th, 2014*

Becky Lynch has a new entrance song that she debuted called “Celtic Invasion” by CFO$. You can listen to it below as well as purchase it on iTunes now. Click Here to view the iTunes page.


WWE NXT Results- December 18th, 2014*


Backstage Segment

Becky was asked about her change of attitude.  She says the only thing that has changed is her ability to open her eyes. That Sasha showed her what it takes to get to the next level in NXT. That if she wants to get anywhere the only person she can rely on besides herself is Sasha.  Becky claims she will end Bayley’s career.

Becky Lynch vs Bayley

Bayley is out followed by Becky Lynch with her new entrance music. Both divas circle and Becky tries to attack Bayley but gets caught and hit with a series of punches. Bayley with more punches. Becky drops a series of elbows and goes for cover. Becky in the corner and Bayley with strikes. Becky and Bayley exchange punches but Becky gets backed into the corner again with elbows. Bayley with an back elbow splash to Becky. Bayley brings her out and spears her into the corner and covers for a two. Bayley tries to put Becky in the corner but Becky reversed it. Becky try to take out the knee of Bayley.

Becky with more elbows and both divas exchange blows. Bayley goes for a kick but misses and takes a boot from Becky. Bayley suplexes Becky and cover for a one. Becky again tries to attack the knee. Bayley reverses into a roll up but Becky with a reversal again and locks in a Four Leg Clover.

*Spoiler* WWE NXT- December 18th- January 8th, 2014*

December 18th, 2014

*Becky Lynch defeated Bayley.

December 25th, 2014

*Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch came out. Ric Flair came out and praised Charlotte before introducing her. Charlotte retained over Sasha and celebrated with Flair.

* Devin Taylor interviewed Charlotte. Sasha and Becky cornered her but Natalya came out and they retreated.

January 8th, 2014

* Sasha and Becky defeated Charlotte and Natalya.