WWE Day 1 Results – January 1st, 2022*


Morgan barely connects on a code breaker. Lynch falls out of the ring. Morgan slams Lynch’s head into the commentary desk over and over again. Lynch cuts Morgan off while she is attempting a dive. Morgan lands a running knee in the corner. Morgan stomps Lynch in the corner. Lynch kicks out. Morgan puts Lynch in the Disarm-her. Lynch escapes but Morgan locks her in the Rings of Saturn. Lynch gets to the ropes. Morgan tries a ranna but Lynch swings her into the turnbuckle. Lynch hits a rope hang leg drop. Morgan kicks out. Morgan surprises Lynch with a sunset bomb. Lynch somehow manages to kick out at 2.9.

Lynch puts Morgan in the Disarm-her but Morgan gets to the ropes. Facebuster by Lynch. Kicks out by Morgan. Morgan sends Lynch out of the ring. Morgan lands a dive. Lynch slams Morgan’s head into the desk over and over again. Morgan is almost counted out. Morgan traps Lynch’s hand in the ring steps and stomps them over and over again. Arm breaker off the top by Morgan. Morgan puts Lynch in the Rings of Saturn again. Lynch turns it into a pin. Morgan kicks out, Morgan tries Oblivion, but Lynch reverses it into the Manhandle Slam for the win.

Winner and STILL RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 20th, 2021*

In-Ring Segment: Liv Morgan

In a promo, Morgan talks about “Rebecca” tried to hurt her before their title match. She says she knew she couldn’t let Lynch get the best of her. Morgan shares her thought process about following Lynch to her private gym. She then plays the Digital Exclusive video in which she tried and failed to attack Lynch at her gym. Morgan admits that Lynch was a step ahead of her, but she still views it as a win because she knows Lynch is threatened by her. Morgan criticizes Lynch for sacrificing one of her own students and calls this act “disgusting.” She vows to win their match at WWE Day 1. Morgan says Lynch can try to break her arm, but she’ll break Lynch’s face.

Lynch comes out and says her students know they have to their dues. Morgan says she only needed one arm to beat up Lynch. Lynch promises that, at WWE Day 1, she’ll show Morgan that luck runs out. “Big Time Becks” says Morgan can’t handle the heat in the spotlight, but the challenger says she’ll ring in the new year as the champion. Morgan throws a kendo stick at Lynch and tells her she brought it for the champion. Lynch backs down from the fight and walks away.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 13th, 2021*


Lynch brags about her victory over Liv Morgan last week. If Morgan managed to beat her, the crowd would turn on Morgan just like they did her. Lynch says everyone in the WWE Universe has an opinion even though they have no idea what it’s like to be her. Morgan inturupts. Morgan says Lynch doubted her and that’s why she almost lost last week. She knows that she can beat Lynch and just like the little girl from last week, she believes it.

Morgan challenges Lynch to a rematch. Lynch says Morgan isn’t ready and she doesn’t have the killer instinct. Morgan hits the ring and attacks Lynch. Lynch sends Morgan into the ring steps before trapping Morgan’s arm between the ring post and the ring steps. Lynch stomps the steps into Morgan’s arm over and over again. As Morgan screams in pain, Lynch accepts Morgan’s match and says she’s going home. Lynch tells Morgan she should probably put some ice on that.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 6th, 2021*

Backstage, Becky Lynch says it’s a big night… for Liv Morgan. Morgan has momentum. There is a new bandwagon to jump on and the Liv Morgan train is rolling. Lynch says no one really wants Morgan to win the title. The minute you win it, they turn on you. Tonight is just another Monday for the RAW Women’s Champion.


Lynch goes behind Morgan and drops her to the mat. Lynch trash-talks Morgan. Clothesline by Lynch. Morgan floors Lynch with a shoulder block. Lynch reveres a leapfrog into a facebuster. Morgan and Lynch trade pin attempts. Lynch tries to lock in the Disarm-her. Morgan turns it into a pin. Lynch drops Morgan with a right hand. Lynch misses a dive. Codebreaker by Morgan. Morgan catches Lynch with a suicide dive. Morgan hurts her elbow as she lands. Lynch kicks out.

After the break, Lynch is working over Morgan. Morgan tries to fire up but Lynch cuts her off with an inverted DDT.  Morgan catches Lynch with a boot. Lynch trips Morgan on the top rope. Morgan hits her head on the top turnbuckle. Morgan and Lynch trade strikes. Thez press by Morgan. Lynch avoids Oblivion. Morgan stomps Lynch on the apron.

Morgan goes up top and lands a dropkick. Lynch kicks out. Morgan puts Lynch in the Rings of Saturn. Lynch turns it into the Disarm-her. Morgan gets to the ropes. Morgan reverses the Manhandle Slam into a pin. Lynch kicks out and turns it into a pin of her own. Lynch hooks the ropes as the referee counts to three.

Winner and STILL RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – November 29th, 2021*


Sonya Deville introduces RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and challenger Liv Morgan. Lynch says Morgan’s fire is due to her. Morgan had a heck of a right but one punch isn’t enough to take Lynch’s title. Deville notes their title match will be next week on RAW. Lynch goes on a rant. Morgan tells Lynch to shut up and she signs the contract.

Morgan mocks Lynch for blubbering after her match with Charlotte Flair. Morgan shows the footage on the ‘Tron. Lynch stares daggers through Morgan. Morgan says Lynch’s big fat contract is the reason Morgan’s friends are gone. Morgan charges Lynch. Deville separates both women. Lynch says she spoke to management and they are going to have a five-on-five match tonight. Team Liv vs Team Becks.


Morgan is all over Lynch. Lynch sends Morgan into the corner. Lynch stomps Morgan. Carmella tags in and continues the assault. Morgan tags in Ripley. Carmella tags in Queen Zelina. Lynch’s team surrounds Ripley. Ripley fights them off before Tamina floors her with a clothesline. Ripley tags in Nikki. All of Team Liv surround Tamina (for some reason). Belair lifts Tamina up for the KOD.

Becky and her partners pull Tamina out of the ring. After the break, Team Becks is working over Nikki. Nikki manages to tag in Ripley. Ripley clears the ring. Everyone lands a big move. Carmella escapes the Riptide and lands a basement superkick for a near fall. After the break, Morgan hits Oblivion on Tamina for the win.

Winners- Team Liv

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – November 22nd, 2021*


Lynch says what we saw at Survivor Series is a culmination of a decade of love, hurt, and betrayal. She wanted to hurt Charlotte Flair last night and Flair wanted to hurt her. Lynch is turning the page and moving on to something new. Lynch asks the crowd if they want Rhea Ripley. The crowd moderately cheers. Lynch mentions Bianca Belair. The crowd goes nuts. Lynch asks about the number one contender, Liv Morgan.

The crowd cheers. Lynch tells the crowd they are hypocrites because during the women’s Survivor Series match this same crowd disrespected the women in the ring. Lynch says funny enough, she agrees with the crowd. None of the women in that match can hold a candle to her, most of, Morgan. Lynch proclaims she has a death grip on the championship.

Backstage, Lynch inturupts Liv Morgan. Lynch antagonizes Morgan. Morgan decks Lynch.

WWE Survivor Series 2021 Results – November 21st, 2021*


As soon as the bell rings Flair is all over Lynch. Lynch avoids Natural Selection and almost locks in the Disarm-her. Lynch lands a big kick. Flair responds with a spear. Both women fall out of the ring. Lynch sends Flair into the ring post. Flair escapes the Manhandle Slam. Flair launches Lynch into the ring post. Lynch falls off the apron and hits the floor. Flair goes up top for a moonsault. Lynch pushes Flair off the top. Flair hits her knee on the barricade. Lynch misses a clothesline and Flair suplexes her on the barricade.

Both women scream at each other before trading strikes again. Flair floors Lynch with a lariat. Lynch tries another Disarm-her but Flair turns it into a powerbomb for a near fall. Lynch unloads on Flair in the corner. Flair counters Lynch’s with one of her own. Flair goes up for a moonsault. Lynch moves out of the way but Flair lands on her feet and hits a standing moonsault for yet another near fall. Lynch ties Flair up in the ropes. Rope hang leg drop by Lynch. Instead of the Disarm-her, Lynch traps Flair in the Rings of Saturn. Flair kicks out. Andrade elbow by Flair. Lynch kicks out again. Flair tries a suplex Lynch but she counters a suplex into a reverse DDT. Flair kicks out.

Lynch misses a diving leg drop. Flair tries a boot but Lynch hits the Manhandle Slam. Flair gets her leg on the rope. Lynch puts Flair in the figure four. Flair flips over and reverses the pressure. Lynch gets to the ropes. Flair boots Lynch out of the ring. Flair goes up top and hits a moonsault to the outside. Before Lynch can react Flair puts Lynch in a Disarm-her. Lynch gets to the rope. Flair lights Lynch up with chop after chop. O’Connor Roll by Flair as Flair hooks the ropes. The referee sees it. Lynch reverses the pin and hooks the rope for the win.

Winner- Becky Lynch

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – November 15th, 2021*


Lynch plays footage of what SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair said about her last week. Lynch says she is going to remind Flair who the hell she is. She used to be Flair’s best friend but she realized that Flair’s friendship comes with conditions. Flair is just a rip-off of someone else. Lynch has reinvented herself over and over again and she is the biggest star in wrestling today. This isn’t about brand supremacy, this is about more.

Lynch promises to beat the piss out of Flair. Liv Morgan inturupts and says she won’t be ignored. Lynch says she knew this was going to happen so she pulled some footage. The footage was of Morgan talking about the message Lynch gave her when she left last year. Lynch calls Morgan a bum. Morgan calls Lynch a bitch. Lynch tries the ManHandle Slam but Morgan reverses it into a hip toss.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – November 9th, 2021*

Becky Lynch is at the commentary desk for the next match.


Before the bell rings Bianca is dumped over the top rope. A huge brawl breaks out. After the break, the bell rings, and the lights flicker for some reason. Belair and Ripley clear the ring. Both women lock their eyes and smile. Carmella and Vega attack the two before they can lock up. Ripley and Belair quickly dispatch Carmella and Vega. Ripley and Belair trade shots. Belair is pulled out of the ring by Carmella and Vega.

Carmella and Vega toss Belair into the barricade. Carmella and Vega double team Ripley. Morgan hits the ring and lands a flurry of strikes to Carmella. Vega attacks morgan from behind.  Ripley rises and tosses Vega all over the ring. Ripley hits a northern lights suplex on Vega. Belair breaks up the pin. Belair press slams Vega out of the ring onto Ripley, Morgan, and Carmella.

After the break, Belair powerbombs Vega and Morgan at the same time. Ripley surprises Belair with a dropkick. Carmella superkicks Ripley. Belair slams Carmella’s face into the announce desk. Ripley and Belair trade big moves. Ripley lands Riptide. Morgan breaks up the pin. Belair hits the KOD on Vega. Belair tries to pin Vega, but Doudrop pulls her out of the ring. Doudrop sends Belair into the ring post. Morgan rolls up Carmella for the win.

Winner- Liv Morgan

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – November 1st, 2021*

Backstage, Lynch says Belair rose to the top only because she wasn’t around. Lynch says people don’t realize how hard it is being her. She has noticed a lack of appreciation, even a few boos. It doesn’t matter. Lynch will leave the way she came, as the RAW Women’s Champion.


Lynch and Belair get into a shoving match. Belair chases Lynch around the ring. Belair slams Lynch. Before Lynch can react, Belair lands a handspring moonsault. Lynch kicks out. Lynch retreats out of the ring. Belair follows. Lynch tries to use Belair’s braid to send her into the ring post. Belair puts on the breaks and sends Lynch into the ring post. As Lynch is stuck between the rope, Belair pulls her off the apron and hits a delayed vertical suplex out on the floor.

After the break, Lynch lands a reverses DDT. Belair kicks out. Belair almost lands another suplex but Lynch reverses it into a roll up. Kick out at two. Belair backflips to avoid a strike by Lynch. Rollins suplex by Belair. Lynch kicks out. Gutbuster by Belair. Lynch kicks out again. Belair misses a shot with her braid. Lynch and Belair trade pin attempts. Lynch attempts the Disarm-her. Belair lifts Lynch off the mat with one arm and sends her over the top rope.

After the break, Lynch surprises Belair with a cross-arm breaker. Lynch turns it into a triangle. After a fierce struggle, Belair manages to slam Lynch with a powerbomb to escape the hold. Lynch goes up top. Belair cuts Lynch off and press slams her off the top. Belair tries another handspring moonsault but Lynch gets her knees up. Manhandle slam by Lynch. Belair gets her foot on the bottom rope. Lynch tosses Belair out of the ring and tells the referee to count.

Belair gets to her feet. Lynch tries a dive but Belair catches her. Belair ally oops Lynch on the announce desk. Lynch kicks out again. Glam slam by Belair. Lynch kicks out. Belair almost hits the KOD but Lynch grabs the turnbuckle. The pad rips off. Lynch sends Belair into the exposed turnbuckle. Lynch rolls Belair up with a handful of tights for the win.

Winner and STILL RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!