WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 7th, 2022*


Lita says she felt like she was home at the Royal Rumble. Lita says she has wanted this match with Becky Lynch for a long time. Lynch inturupts. Lynch notes that Lita was her idol when she was a kid and when she arrived in WWE, Lita was a great mentor. If there wasn’t a Lita there would be no Becky Lynch. Now that there is a Becky Lynch there can not be a Lita.

Lynch goes on a rant about how hurtful it is for her idol to want to take everything from her. Lynch is going to end Lita. Lita says she knows she’s the underdog but the fans will drive her to victory at the Chamber. Lynch attacks Lita and leaves her laying in the ring. Lynch comes back and tries a Manhandle Slam. Lita fights out of it and hits a Twist of Fate. Lita flattens Lynch with a Moonsault.