WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 28th, 2022*


Lynch is going to start the match. Belair immediately tags in. Lynch tags back out. She doesn’t want any part of Belair tonight. Doudrop and Morgan tag in. Doudrop tosses Morgan. Mogan lands a kick. Belair tags in and tries to suplex Doudrop. Belair can get Doudrop up. Ripley tags in and they double suplex Doudrop. Team Belair clears the ring. Ripley assists Morgan on a rope walk dive, that takes out all of Team Lynch.

After the break, Belair lifts Lynch up for a suplex. Lynch turns it into a small package. Belair kicks out. Using Belair’s braid, Lynch sends Belair into the ring post, shoulder first. Lynch wraps Belair’s hair around the top rope and continues her assault. Lynch lands a rope hang leg drop. Team Lynch takes turns working over Belair. Belair fights her way out of the corner and tags in Ripley. Ripley blasts Lynch with a short-arm clothesline. Ripley lands a flurry of offense, capped with an electric chair facebuster. Doudrop breaks up the pin with a splash. Everyone lands a big move.

Nikki tags herself in as Belair tags in. Belair glam slams Nikki. Belair tries a handspring but Lynch pulls her out of the ring. Morgan lands a dive. Belair spinebusters Nikki. Lynch breaks up the pin. Lynch pulls Belair by her hair. Belair sends Lynch into the ropes, Belair almost cuts Lynch in half with a hair whip. Belair proceeds to whip Lynch like she stole something with her braid. Lynch runs out of the ring. Belair hits the KOD on Nikki for the win.

Winners- Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, and Liv Morgan

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 21st, 2022*


Belair puts over the women that were in the Elimination Chamber Match. Belair says she is also the hardEST working woman in WWE. No way she’s going to let RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch get in her way, it’s not happening. Lynch interrupts and congratulates Belair. Lynch says the only reason Belair was able to main event WrestleMania is because she did it first. Belair did it better. Lynch brings up the fact that she beat Belair in 26 seconds.

Lynch says Belair acts like the victim. Belair says Lynch wanted her to just fade away. She did exactly what Lynch told her to, she went to the back of the line and here we are. She isn’t a victim. Lynch proclaims she is the victim. Everyone turned on her just because she beat Belair. Lynch promises to destroy Belair. Belair retorts that if Lynch wants to play the victim, maybe she’ll make her a victim right now. Doudrop’s music hits. Lynch leaves the ring.


Lynch is at the commentary desk. Doudrop rolls up Belair. Belair kicks out. Belair backflips out of the corner to avoid Doudrop. Dropkick by Belair. Doudrop lands a series of strikes in the corner. Belair manages to land a handspring attack that knocks Doudrop off the apron. Crossbody off the apron by Belair. Belair and Lynch get into it at ringside. Doudrop crushes Belair with a low crossbody. After the break, Belair fires up and hits a struggle suplex on Doudrop. Doudrop slams Belair’s face into the mat. Doudrop misses a cannonball. Belair gets a near fall. Doudrop hits a Michinoku Driver. Belair kicks out. Doudrop goes up top. Belair hits a D’lo Brown-style running powerbomb. KOD by Belair. Belair pins Doudrop.

Winner- Bianca Belair

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 14th, 2022*


Adam Pearce introduces Becky Lynch and Lita. When Lynch’s music hits, she looks dejected and is dressed as if she is depressed. Lynch asks Lita not to do this. She hasn’t slept in a week because her teenage idol attacked her last week and is trying to take her title. Lynch asks Lita what she has left to prove. Lita should leave now while her legacy is still protected. Lita asks the crowd what she thinks she should do. They want her to sign the contract. Lita says she didn’t come here for one match, she has one last run in her.

Lynch doesn’t have to like it but this match is happening. Lita signs the contract. Lynch says Lita is pushing her and she has no idea what she is capable of. Don’t think for a second Lynch won’t go for Lita’s neck. When people think of Lita now they have a smile on their face, after their match, they will have a tear in their eye. Lita says she’s going to end Lynch’s 500+ day title reign. Lita says if she really helped create Lynch, she has to end her. Lynch tosses the contract at Lita and walks away.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 7th, 2022*


Lita says she felt like she was home at the Royal Rumble. Lita says she has wanted this match with Becky Lynch for a long time. Lynch inturupts. Lynch notes that Lita was her idol when she was a kid and when she arrived in WWE, Lita was a great mentor. If there wasn’t a Lita there would be no Becky Lynch. Now that there is a Becky Lynch there can not be a Lita.

Lynch goes on a rant about how hurtful it is for her idol to want to take everything from her. Lynch is going to end Lita. Lita says she knows she’s the underdog but the fans will drive her to victory at the Chamber. Lynch attacks Lita and leaves her laying in the ring. Lynch comes back and tries a Manhandle Slam. Lita fights out of it and hits a Twist of Fate. Lita flattens Lynch with a Moonsault.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 31st, 2022*


Rousey says she’s been debating since Saturday on whose title she is gonna take, Charlotte or Rebecca. Rebecca doesn’t deserve her attention. Rebecca is and always will be on her undercard. Either way, everyone will know that she’s the top dog. Becky Lynch inturupts. Lynch reminds Rousey that she’s the only person to ever pin her. Lynch says she wouldn’t blame Rousey for choosing the easier target (Charlotte). Lynch tells Rousey that time is money, so she needs to know who Rousey is going to pick right now.

Rousey Judo throws Lynch. Rousey says Lynch will have her answer Friday. Rousey tosses the mic at Lynch and walks away. Lynch complains in the ring. Lita’s music hits. Lita walks down to the ring and it’s a love fest between the two. Lita notes that Lynch never backs down from a challenge so Lita issues a challenge for a title match at Elimination Chamber. Lynch says no. Lita asks Lynch if she’s scared. Lynch agrees to the match.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 17th, 2022*


Lynch says the reason the Women’s Division is so hot is because of her. Past starts want to come back for a chance to face her at the Royal Rumble. Lynch says she’s going to make Doudrop. Doudrop inturupts and says Lynch isn’t responsible for anything. Bianca Belair walks down to the ring and calls Lynch a coward. Belair says she’s going to win the Rumble. Liv Morgan walks out and says she is going to win the Rumble. Doudrop calls for a referee to start the tag match.


Doudrop breaks up Lynch’s pin and flattens Morgan with a big splash for the win.

Winners- Becky Lynch and Doudrop

After the match, Doudrop sits on Lynch.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 10th, 2022*

Lynch runs down each of the competitors in the main event.


Morgan lands a dive and gets a near fall on Belair. Belair runs over Morgan. Morgan responds with a ranna. Belair suplexes Morgan. Doudrop flattens them both with a low crossbody. Morgan tries a diving ranna but Doudrop reverses it into an electric chair drop onto Belair. Doudrop tries to pin both women at the same time but Belair kicks out. Doudrop misses a senton in the corner on Morgan. Morgan stomps on Doudrop’s back. Doudrop dumps Morgan over the top. On the way down, Morgan hits the ring steps. After the break, Belair and Morgan trade shots. Morgan traps Belair in the Rings of Saturn. Belair gets to her feet.

Morgan hits a code breaker on Belair. Doudrop eats one as well. Morgan slingshot Belair into the corner. Morgan sets up a superplex. Doudrop pulls Morgan off the top and hits a powerbomb. As Doudrop pins Morgan, Belair hits a 450 to break up the pin. Both Doudrop and Morgan kick out. Belair clears the ring and hits the KOD on Morgan. Lynch breaks up the pin. Belair chases Lynch around the ring. Lynch sends Belair over the announce desk. Doudrop Bonzai Drops Morgan for the win.

Winner- Doudrop

After the match, Lynch offers Doudrop a handshake. When Doudrop reaches, Lynch slaps her. Lynch tries a Manhandle Slam but Doudrop tosses her out of the ring.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 3rd, 2022*


Lynch says no one can beat her. Lynch says she is art and refers to herself as “Vincent van-Goat”. New Year’s resolutions are stupid and you will fail if you have them. Lynch is interrupted by Liv Morgan. Morgan says Lynch knows how close she was to winning the title on Saturday. Bianca Belair’s music hits. Belair says she is sick and tired of Lynch acting like she is untouchable. Belair stepped aside to give others an opportunity but she wants her shot.

Morgan tells Belair to go to the back since she is in the middle of something with Lynch. Belair says her issue with Lynch isn’t finished. Lynch tells them both to get the hell out of her ring. Morgan and Belair attack Lynch and toss her out of the ring. Belair and Morgan tear into each other. Belair lifts Morgan for the KOD but Lynch attacks from behind. Lynch Manhandle Slams Belair.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 20th, 2021*

In-Ring Segment: Liv Morgan

In a promo, Morgan talks about “Rebecca” tried to hurt her before their title match. She says she knew she couldn’t let Lynch get the best of her. Morgan shares her thought process about following Lynch to her private gym. She then plays the Digital Exclusive video in which she tried and failed to attack Lynch at her gym. Morgan admits that Lynch was a step ahead of her, but she still views it as a win because she knows Lynch is threatened by her. Morgan criticizes Lynch for sacrificing one of her own students and calls this act “disgusting.” She vows to win their match at WWE Day 1. Morgan says Lynch can try to break her arm, but she’ll break Lynch’s face.

Lynch comes out and says her students know they have to their dues. Morgan says she only needed one arm to beat up Lynch. Lynch promises that, at WWE Day 1, she’ll show Morgan that luck runs out. “Big Time Becks” says Morgan can’t handle the heat in the spotlight, but the challenger says she’ll ring in the new year as the champion. Morgan throws a kendo stick at Lynch and tells her she brought it for the champion. Lynch backs down from the fight and walks away.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 13th, 2021*


Lynch brags about her victory over Liv Morgan last week. If Morgan managed to beat her, the crowd would turn on Morgan just like they did her. Lynch says everyone in the WWE Universe has an opinion even though they have no idea what it’s like to be her. Morgan inturupts. Morgan says Lynch doubted her and that’s why she almost lost last week. She knows that she can beat Lynch and just like the little girl from last week, she believes it.

Morgan challenges Lynch to a rematch. Lynch says Morgan isn’t ready and she doesn’t have the killer instinct. Morgan hits the ring and attacks Lynch. Lynch sends Morgan into the ring steps before trapping Morgan’s arm between the ring post and the ring steps. Lynch stomps the steps into Morgan’s arm over and over again. As Morgan screams in pain, Lynch accepts Morgan’s match and says she’s going home. Lynch tells Morgan she should probably put some ice on that.